Your curiosity is one of your greatest gifts - read on brave one! :)

You are your own medicine and already have all your answers within you.  My purpose is to provide the space and guidance for you to reconnect with yourself and remember your natural state of abundance, health, and joy.  As an intuitive channel and experienced energy and spiritual healing practitioner, I facilitate a connection with your higher guidance and accelerate your healing journey. 

You are designed in wholeness. An expansive state of abundance and completeness is in the blueprint. I’ll help you flip the switch to be in a receiving state, so you stop focusing on the blocks, the lack, the places where you don’t experience wholeness.

This work will assist in shifting your perspective and then your habits from blocking to receiving; from a focus on lack and contrast, to acknowledgment and joyful acceptance of abundance.

It is a process of returning to your natural wholeness by coming back into alignment with your truest, highest, most authentic self.

Our bodies are seeking balance at all times and are powerful healing systems. With a connection to our higher self and guidance, we can welcome buried energy and subconscious programming or patterns into awareness to receive what is needed, release what is not, shift habits, and achieve and maintain more balance. 

The physical is an expression of the energetic. As you explore your own consciousness with loving curiosity, you can’t help but embody awareness more and more fully with less drama, less of the story of the ego clouding your brilliance. Trust me, it feels great as each cell in your body entrains to the unadulterated, vibrant energy of unconditional love and you experience the simple harmony of pure consciousness.

With a background in physical therapy, yoga, pilates, meditation, and breathwork, plus my training as a reiki master and quantum spiritual healer, and as a natural intuitive channel, I integrate the scientific, psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of healing in these sessions.

I will ensure you are guided through the process and given tools to connect with your own healing energy in order to shift your behavior and habits to support your highest good. 

During these sessions we work together to access and clear/release information like emotions, trauma, beliefs, and thoughts that are recorded in the energy field and stored in the body. We also will work with the multi-dimensional self; the inner child, lineage and ancestral legacies, other-lives, spiritual wounds, soul fragments, and all manner of quantum entanglement.

While single sessions are available, more than one session is suggested if this is your first time doing this work or during transformative times and challenges. I recommend you commit to this work through at least 3 sessions to give yourself the opportunity to move the needle.

Packages are designed to help you get the most out of our time together. You will be an active participant in clearing the energetic channel and field, regulating the nervous system, allowing the body to release the stored energy, and empowering yourself to shift to a new supportive habit or behavior so that, more and more, you may live life as your authentic self. 

That said, the healing process can challenge you but doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, often it’s much easier than we think and is a lot of fun! The experience of shifting back into your groove feels good and a celebratory approach nourishes your spirit.

The more you engage with this work, the more benefit you see. Bring your intention and attention, and I guarantee you will experience healing.

In life, the experience of pain is normal and connects us to every other living thing. It is the story we tell about our pain, not the pain itself, that creates suffering and isolates us. As we welcome the pain as Teacher, we are given gifts of wisdom that serve to expand our perspective and equip us with powerful, healing understanding for others as well. 

Instead of avoiding the discomfort of life, we become alchemists, magicians; transmuting dissonant/imbalanced energy through loving and compassionate awareness.  Being with our deepest pain, fully present without fear or agenda, is a balm that soothes. If we are willing to put our story aside and recognize our wholeness, we release the energy of imbalance and return quickly to our natural state of ease and abundance. 

Your truest, highest self is already present and your healing is already realized. Let go of the story of suffering and allow a new perspective, new paradigm, and new pattern to emerge. Feel the sweet familiarity, deep support, and natural connectedness of returning to yourself. ❤️‍