Chloe - I hadn’t felt safe in my own body for many years. Sessions with you provided an opportunity to experience feelings of safety. Until we worked together, I did not believe that feeling safe in this chaotic world was possible. You helped me to connect to my body, my breath, my Spirit, and my God in a visceral way. Experiencing Reiki with you provided not only rest and relief from various pains that had controlled my life for so long, but also hope and faith that I could continue healing and that healing WAS possible. I wouldn’t be here, not in this way, full of love and strength through my being, without the experiences you facilitated. From my very core, thank you for sharing with me wisdom, compassion, empathy, and love. This was a life changing experience which brought me back into myself and gave me a glimpse of, and hope for a full life.

-Lauren B.

Thank you so much for my Reiki session yesterday! You definitely have a gift! I slept so well and feel so good today.

-Jessie W.

Thank you for your amazing work. I feel super great now. Like back to my good old self. Thank you thank you thank you!!

-Stephanie H.

Had a distance Reiki healing session with Chloe last week. I liked how she helped me to relax at the beginning of the session with a guided meditation. The Reiki energy felt wonderful. The best part was her reading for me post session. Literally everything she said resonated with me and a lot of it was things I'd been suppressing for decades. Great job Chloe!

-Bill Z.

Chloe received so much information about me during my treatment!! Wow what a treasure-filled gift you have!!

-Shayna B.

My session with Chloe made me feel very safe and relaxed. I was surprised by how much she had to say after the session about what was going on with me, she has a gift for sure! I could feel the extra energy she gave to me. Thank you Chloe!!

-Erin S.



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