Welcome! First, a little bit about me. 

I have been practicing intuitive Reiki energy healing for over 3 years now and am excited to offer this powerful healing modality to my community and beyond! 

I have always been drawn to person-centered work and bring a wide range of experience to my intuitive healing practice. 

Through my work with participants in wilderness rehab therapy, as a personal care assistant to individuals with disabilities, as a tutor to first and second grade children, and with patients of all types in my current 7+ year career as a physical therapist assistant, I've observed the unmatched value of one-on-one interaction and connection to fuel healing

This inspired me to pursue my own business, where I can team up with my clients and focus on improving their health and lives through customized sessions. 

My background in outdoor adventures, yoga, Pilates, breathwork, and meditation practices also provides me with a wealth of dynamic, practical techniques from rich traditions that compliment every Reiki healing with personalized take-home suggestions for each of my clients. 

Always a natural intuitive, I developed my skills studying with leading teachers and graduated from a year-long intuitive healing apprenticeship program. I am a certified Reiki Master and am part of a community of healers who continue to develop our skills with on-going education and Reiki-share clinical practice. 

As an intuitive Reiki practitioner, I receive information about my clients' physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic state that guides the session. Using an intuitive, tailored application of relaxing Reiki energy appeals to my creative side and I find that the conversation spurred by the guidance and messages for my client is often healing and transformative in itself. Each session is different and depends on what my client brings to the table. And, each person leaves with ideas for supportive actions to continue with at home or until the next session. The organic un-folding of these sessions and the magical experience of this work is refreshing in our hurried, to-do list fueled, busy-minded world.

My goal is to be a compassionate advocate for your whole health, body and soul. I love the nurturing, un-hurried, and connected experience of these healing sessions!

Now, for some backstory and my journey into this work.

We are experiencing an epidemic of overwhelm, distraction, and disconnection these days. There is so much to be done, so much to take in, and so little time that it is difficult to keep track of yourself. 

Let me ask you:

Are you stressed out by how busy life is and constantly trying to keep up with your responsibilities and to-do list?

Do you suffer from strange symptoms with unknown causes, or with a chronic health problem, or fatigue?

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression and feel too sensitive, isolated, or afraid to be yourself?

Are you just plain overwhelmed or unfulfilled? 

Or do you simply need a little support and time for yourself?

For years, I answered "yes" to this list of questions. I was overwhelmed and didn't know why. 

My life was great by most measures (i.e. fulfilling job, loving relationships, healthy habits) but still I struggled to live my life AND feel good. I felt like I was constantly coping with the stress of life, not living.

No matter how I strived, eventually my chronic stress turned into chronic illness and I physically couldn't do my job anymore, not to mention all of the other things I had to do, or that I loved and brought me joy. 

I knew I needed something, but didn't know what it was or how to get it.

Until, I prioritized myself and gave myself permission to relax and just BE. 

Turns out I had been going about it backwards! When I focused on taking care of myself instead of trying to take care of EVERYTHING else, I re-connected with myself and the deep, supportive nature of that connectedness. I developed the confidence to know and ask for what I needed and was given it. 

With this simple but profound step, my whole life changed for the better. My personal Reiki practice was my path into this age-old wisdom of filling one's cup first, before filling anyone else's. 

As time goes on, without overwhelming stress, my body is able to heal and my chronic conditions have been brought into better balance. What's more, I am living a life that FEELS good and allows me to contribute to my family, community and the greater good without sacrifice. I simply have to show up!

To boot, now that I hear my soul's guidance and heed my heart's desire, I have stepped into a richer reality where I am integrated, in-flow, and my dreams are manifest! Since discovering all of this for myself, it is my passion to help others know themselves, feel better, experience the truth of connection, and find their path to healing.

If you are done struggling and ready to step into your purpose, let me help you. 

Relax and come back to yourself!